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Certificate of location

A two part document comprised of a report and a plan in which surveyors express their opinion about the location and actual condition of a property with respect to the title deeds, the cadastral registration as well as any laws or by-laws affecting it. It is the "health check" of a property before investing money in it and it is therefore a complement to the title deeds. It can be useful to the investor and owner as well as to the courts and municipalities.

MPMAG issues certificates of location for approximately 350 properties yearly.

Operation in which a surveyor, for the sole benefit of his client, indicates with metal survey markers his opinion on a property's limits.

This service allows the public to better appreciate MPMAG's motto "Juste and Precise."
Layout and projected layout plan

Operation in which a surveyor indicates, by placing markers in the field, the exact location of a future construction with respect to the property limits or other reference lines.


State register representing land and buildings and allowing the registration (and publication) of property rights. It is comprised of many plans and documents prepared by land-surveyors. The plans show all the properties in Quebec and identifies them with a unique number.

For land owners who wish to build a structure, it is a plan showing their property with its dimensions and its new lot number which will be registered with the "Direction de l’Enregistrement Cadastral (DEC)."

Often referred to as condominium or condo a divided co-property can be either horizontal or vertical. It allots the entire property into private and common portions.

MPMAG specialises in this field. Since 1980 it has registered approximately 2500 condo units in the Laurentian and Estrie regions.

Topographic plan

Plan illustrating the topography of a property and showing, amongst others, the varying grades, the natural or artificial contours of the land, vegetation, limits, public and private constraints etc. These plans are often used by architects and contractors to help them better position a future construction.

Boundary determination

Survey operation whose purpose is to permanently and irrevocably fix the limit between two properties by the use of field survey markers.

As a legal contract, a boundary determination requires the collaboration of the owners towards the registration of an official report and plan written by the surveyor and signed by him as well as by the owners.

It can be either “amicable” if the owners are in agreement or “judiciary” if a judge decides the position of the property line.

Technical or land description

A technical or land description is a two part document comprised of a plan and a text in which a surveyor describes a piece of real estate with respect to the land register. It is used for specific purposes such as the sale of part of a lot, a right of way, a servitude of drainage, a servitude of encroachment, agricultural zoning, annexation or municipal fusion.
Image plan (lot subdivision plan)

This document is the preliminary to the subdivision of a large property into buildable lots. It shows topography, zoning and environmental constraints (marshes, deer yards, protected mountain peaks etc.). The lots must respect multiple criteria established by municipal by-laws. Specifically, they must blend harmoniously within the framework of town planning in order to prevent urban sprawl.

MPMAG is the firm in the region for the development of these types of plans. It has participated in or designed the majority of the lot subdivision plans for large scale projects. Several of the projects are listed in the Achievements section.

Cadastral renovation

The purpose of the cadastral reform or renovation is to reconstitute a complete image of the limits, dimensions and surface areas of the territories of Quebec and to attribute to each property a new distinct lot number (registration).

The renovation is initiated by the Minister of Natural Resources by virtue of article 1.0 of the law for the reform of the Quebec cadastre.

MPMAG has already participated in, or is actually in the process of producing several renovation mandates from St.-Adele to Amherst.

Construction survey

With the purchase of Arpentech des Laurentides, MPMAG has acquired the necessary RBQ licenses to work on all road and building construction sites in Quebec. Several large scale projects have been undertaken, notably at the Mont-Tremblant ski station (layout of construction axes, ski-lifts, road centrelines etc.).
Urban planning

Urban planning is a very wide field in which MPMAG occupies an important place in the region. It has the experience required for the survey, cadastral research, title analysis and the production of plans and maps showing the town planners requirements, for example: urban zones, agricultural zones, flood zones and regional and local transport infrastructure etc.

High precision GPS

In static mode or in real time MPMAG has GPS systems capable of half-meter or even millimetre precision after computerised compensation.

Although limited by satellite radio transmissions our GPS systems can be used for building and land survey purposes as well as road construction work and control points for airborne laser surveys.